SCD Piling

SCD (Steel Cased Driven Piling), is a bottom-driven form of piling that involves the usage of a drop hammer piling rig or vibrating mole. The pile casings and tubes of steel protect them from groundwater damage and leakage. Upon achieving a particular depth, steel is then reinforced into the pile. Our company provides services of SCD piling in Essex, employing the expertise and extensive experience to advise, design, and install piles for a robust foundation for residential and commercial projects. We ensure the timely completion of projects using the most suitable rig for constructing the structures, installing premium quality foundations via our team of specialists.

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Where to Use SCD Piling?

SCD piling is suitable for use in:

  • Made Grounds
  • Gravelly Grounds
  • Contaminated Lands
  • Confined & Narrow Spaces
  • Grounds with High Water Tables
  • Areas with Restricted Headroom
  • Areas with Greater Cut-off Levels than the Ground Level
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Advantages of SCD Piling

Some of the benefits of SCD piling are as under:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Structural Safety
  • Less Space Requirement
  • Cost-Effective Procedure
  • Easy and Simple Construction Process

SCD Piling & Industrial Projects

We have undertaken SCD piling for completing various projects, including:

  • Renovations
  • Infrastructures
  • Railway Works
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Housing Constructions
  • And Many More ….

SCD Piling | Our Installation Process

Our experts complete the installation process for SCD piling in the following steps:

  • Drop hammer piling rig (cylindrical-shaped) is used in the casting.
  • Form a plug for sealing the bottom of the tube after placing the tube at the correct location.
  • Strike the bottom shoe, which results in compaction of the ground due to the weight of the tube, which drives the case deeper into the ground.
  • Add tube elements having limited strength.
  • Drive the tubes to a specific depth.
  • Cast the concrete inside tubes.
  • Draw weight for placing steel bar to provide extra reinforcement.
  • Allow the pile to set and strengthen after filling it.
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We Use Specialised Equipment

At Mini Piling Essex, we utilise all the specialised equipment for SCD piling, which includes:

  • Crane
  • Casing
  • Hammer
  • Piling Rig
  • Slurry Handling
  • Cage Erection Template
  • Concrete Pumping Truck
  • Power Pack (Hydraulic or Air Hammer)

We provide the best piling solutions at affordable prices to commercial and residential clients, using premium quality piling rigs.

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Our team of experienced professionals develop the most suitable solution after assessing your construction site’s ground conditions and deciding on the pile’s depth and diameter. Conducting detailed discussions with the clients and recording their requirements, we provide expert advice and complete guidance.

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Considering the technical specifications, the standard diameter for piles is between 168mm and 609mm, with a bearing capacity of almost 2.275 kN. Technically, there is about 1/3 inclination in these piles.

For SCD piling, piles have a diameter of 150mm, 220mm, and 273mm with bearing capacities of SWL 100 kN, SWL 300 kN, and SWL 400 kN, respectively.

Yes, SCD piling is an environmentally friendly technique involving reduced soil and concrete usage.

The SCD piling technique can be used to construct various infrastructures, including buildings, bridges, piers, etc. It helps carry out construction work in tricky and hard-to-reach areas.

The other types of piling include:

  • CFA Piling
  • Mini Piling
  • SFA Open-Bored Piling