CFA Piling in Essex

CFA is the acronym for Continuous Flight Auger piling and involves the process through which concrete piles, the construction foundations, are drilled into the ground. It is ideal for providing structural support, Earth retention, existing building protection, etc. It is one of the quietest, safest, and most affordable piling solutions, involving low vibrations and minimum environmental impact.

However, it needs experience and professional handling to complete the construction industry’s most enduring and popular foundation process; the experts know how to undertake CFA piling for diverse and varying ground conditions in different areas.

We provide highly qualified services for CFA piling in Essex. Having the hands-on experience and the right equipment, we have completed several CFA piling projects. We have a wide variety of piling rigs, addressing the unique requirements for different projects, such as restricted access, low headroom, deep pile foundations, and large-diameter piling.

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Where to Use CFA Piling?

The CFA piling method is suitable for built-up areas and inner-city developments. This process of installing piles involves lesser vibrations and noise with minimum disruptions. Our highly specialist team undertakes CFA piling projects to install piles in almost every soil type, catering to domestic and commercial clients.

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The Process of CFA Piling

Our CFA piling specialists in Essex complete the process in the following steps:

  • Determine the correct depth of the hole with the help of a built-in computer, ensuring absolute precision.
  • Use a hollow stem continuous flight auger to drill the ground to the required depth.
  • Pump concrete through the auger’s hollow stem.
  • Remove the auger slowly while pumping in the concrete.
  • Lower a reinforcing cage into the wet concrete.
  • Complete the installation of a sturdy and reinforced concrete pile into the ground.

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As the leading CFA piling contractors in Essex, we take immense pride in adopting a problem-solving approach with a can-do attitude. Our company is a go-to option for several clients as our experts proficiently undertake technically challenging jobs.

No matter the variable ground conditions or restricted access at your construction site, discuss your project of CFA piling in Essex with us.

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Typically, the diameter of the auger ranges from 30mm to 600mm for CFA piling projects.

CFA piling offers earth retention and helps prevent landslides by employing ground anchors or soil nails. It also protects tunnelling, road, and bridge infrastructure against floods.

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A depth of 25m to 52m can be attained with CFA piling after understanding the ground conditions.

CFA piling is suitable for different soil conditions, such as areas with dense sand, clay, and low-grade rocks.