Restricted Access Piling in Essex

Mini Piling Essex has been providing premium design and construction services for restricted access piling in Essex for over two decades. Our specialist engineers have successfully delivered numerous piling projects over the years with their guaranteed services. We own the latest technology piling rigs to achieve our targets efficiently.

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Benefits of Restricted Access Piling

Restricted access piling offers multiple advantages, especially in an urban environment or remote areas. These benefits include the following:

  • Piling equipment and rigs are smaller and more manoeuvrable, making it a suitable option for confined places such as basements and narrow streets.
  • Compared to traditional piles, restricted access piles require a relatively quicker and simpler construction method.
  • Smaller equipment and rigs produce less noise and vibrations and can be used in urban areas with noise restrictions.
  • They are a highly feasible underpinning option and can be easily constructed to provide support to the existing foundations.
Benefits of Restricted Access Piling
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Our Method of Restricted Access Piling

The engineers at Mini Piling Essex follow a highly optimised construction process to ensure precision and accuracy in our restricted access piling services. Our high-efficiency piling equipment is outfitted with the latest features and can carry out piling in the most difficult and narrow spaces. Here is our intricate piling process:

Site Survey: Our engineers conduct a detailed survey to assess the soil and groundwater conditions. They also consult with the clients to understand their requirements in order to carry out precise calculations.

Design and Calculations: After the data is collected, our structural engineers calculate the dead and live loads that the piles are supposed to bear. These calculations help them design the most feasible micro piles for the project.

Drilling the Boreholes: After that, our engineers break the ground by drilling the boreholes up to the required diameters and depths. The number of boreholes depends upon the scale of the project and the loads of the building.

Inserting the Rebars: Once the boreholes are drilled, they are secured using grout or drilling fluid to prevent them from collapsing, and steel reinforcement bars are placed into them. The number and grade of the bars depend upon design specifications.

Grouting and Curing: Finally, the borehole is filled with the grout properly to create a good and stable bond between the pile’s surface and the surrounding soil. After that, the piles are left for curing to achieve their compressive strength.

Final Tests: The piles undergo different tests to ensure they are stable, in good connection with the soil, and have achieved their required design strength.

Applications of Restricted Access Piling

Limited access piling offers a relatively easier construction process with low noise and vibrations, making it feasible for a variety of applications, including:

  • Foundation Support
  • Retaining Walls and Slopes
  • Tiebacks and Anchors
  • Foundation Remediation
  • Urban Construction
  • Historic Restoration
  • Off-Shore and Waterfront Structures
  • Temporary Foundations

Your Restricted Access Piling Options with Us

Being among the most experienced restricted access piling contractors in Essex, we are offering all kinds of piling options with guaranteed efficiency. Our services include the following:

  • Steel cased driven (SCD) piling
  • Single flight auger (SFA) piling
  • Continuous flight auger (CFA) piling
  • Bored piling
  • Hollow stem piling

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Mini Piling Essex is your go-to company for restricted access piling in Essex with 20 years of experience, highly qualified engineers and cutting-edge piling equipment. Contact our customer services today and benefit from our versatile piling and foundation services.

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Restricted access piling is a technique to install structural piles in areas with limited access, such as narrow streets, basements, remote areas, etc.

Restricted access piling uses smaller piling rigs to reach confined spaces, so it can only install mini piles or micro piles with limited diameters and lengths.

Yes, our team comprises highly qualified and skilled structural engineers to produce accurate designs for restricted access piles.

Along with restricted access piling, we are offering the following foundation services:

  • Bored piling
  • Piled-raft foundations
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • Hollow stem piling
  • Strip footing foundations