Hollow Stem Piling

Hollow stem piling provides the vital support building structures need, ensuring earth retention for adjacent buildings and site boundaries. Being one of the best techniques for bridges, roads, and tunnels construction, it also allows for construction work in poor soil conditions. It protects the buildings from potential damages in case of landslides and earthquakes.

Hollow stem piling involves CFA and SFA piling techniques, which help resist compressive, lateral, and uplift loads. Enabling quick installation, these methods are suitable for building structures on different types of soils, such as clay, gravel, sand, and soft rock. These techniques involve fewer vibrations and low pollution levels, making them environmentally friendly.

As a top-rated local construction company, we provide services for hollow stem piling in Essex. We deliver all construction-related services, including foundation building, groundwork, underpinning, etc, via construction experts and professional engineers. Well-educated in government regulations, we have completed several domestic and commercial projects.

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CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) Piling Technique

We create deep, solid, and sturdy building foundations in environmentally sensitive and densely populated areas that stand the test of time. Combining ground anchors and soil anchors, we complete CFA piling in the following steps:

  • Construct CFA piles up to a specific depth in the soil by rotating hollow stem continuous flight auger.
  • Pump concrete through the hollow stem to fill the cylindrical cavity at a static head pressure.
  • Place the reinforcement cage in the freshly poured concrete.

SFA (Sectional Flight Auger) Piling Technique

We carry out construction work in soil’s highly stratified layers for building houses and industrial infrastructure. Our experts complete the SFA piling in these steps:

  • Place the SFA rigs over the suggested pile position.
  • Start augering into the ground to achieve a specific depth.
  • Provide support to the bored pile’s sides with the help of an auger and soil.
  • Place an expendable cap or flap at the lead flight’s bottom to prevent the entry of soil into the hollow stem auger.
  • Pump concrete to the base of the bored pile to ensure structural stability.
  • Lower the pile cage into freshly poured concrete.

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We undertake all construction-related activities, providing fully licenced services at affordable rates. Combining a problem-solving approach and a can-do attitude, we have become a trusted choice as a piling company near you. Our professionals have all the required expertise and skills to carry out construction work in varying ground conditions involving different challenges.

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A 6m long cage is usually reinforced with CFA piles, but it is also possible to carry out the installation of much longer cages with the help of a vibrator unit as per design requirements.

CFA piles come in several diameters, ranging from 3000m to 1000mm and achieve depths of up to 32m.

Hollow stem piling techniques are considered environmentally friendly as they involve lesser vibrations, making them suitable for construction work in noise-sensitive areas.

The technical specification for hollow stem piling includes using 250mm to 900mm diameter piles to achieve a depth of almost 25m for placing reinforcement cages.